The Instrument

Anselmo Bellosio

Musician   Current, Joseph Devalle

Joseph’s instrument is a violin by Anselmo Bellosio, Venice c 1775.  The violin carries a Certificate of Authenticity from Florian Leonhard Fine Violins:

An old Italian instrument made by Anselmo Bellosio in Venice, c 1775, bearing a label of Andreas Guarneri fecit Cremona 1670.  It is known as the ‘Franz Ries’.


Description:  The back in two pieces of maple cut on the quarter with narrow horizontal flame; the ribs of similar maple; the scroll of plainer stock; the table in two pieces of pine with slightly irregular, medium to wide width grain; the varnish of a deep red brown colour over a yellow brown ground.

This violin in a characteristic example of the maker’s work, based on the favourable grand pattern model currently in a good state of preservation and measures 35.4cm in length of back with widths of 16.75, 11.6 and 29.0cm.

The violin is being purchased from Florian Leonhard Fine Violins.